Ex demo nearly new food processing machinery

Occasionaly, Winyards are able to offer some ex demo or nearly new machinery, please take this opportunity to view our current range of ex demo or used food processing equipment and nearly new food machinery below.

We currently have an ex demo Index Conveyor System and an ex demo Servo Rotary System.

The index conveyor has a 3 metre travel length, variable speed, adjustable guide rails and accepts variable width trays, pots or container (Maximum - 190x190mm), and has a maximum operating speed 60 Pots Per Minute.

The servo rotary system is a full stainless steel construction with selectable pot lift on fill station and is fitted with guards suitable for hot fill products, read more here ...

All machines are for sale. Please feel free to enquire about prices by contacting us here. Quoting the reference number of the machine in question.

Index Conveyor

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